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Enter value, select units and click on calculate. Result will be displayed.[PDF]

Size (Diameter) Weight Per Foot Weight Per 12' Length

COLD FINISHED ROUNDS Size (Diameter) Weight Per Foot Weight Per 12' Length 2 10.680 128.160 2-1/16 11.360 136.320 2-1/8 12.060 144.720 2-3/16 12.780 153.360

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This Round Bar Weight Calculator calculates volume, weight & price of Aluminum Round Bar, Stainless Steel Round Bar, Brass Round Bar, Bronze Round Bar, Copper Round Bar, Alloy Steel Round Bar with Round Bar Weight Calculation Formula & Applications of Round Bar, Common Metals for Round Bar.

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Weight of mild steel round bars can be calculated as. W = 0.0062 d 2 (1) . where . W = weight (kg/m) d = round diameter (mm)

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reference› MeasurementsThe weight of a round bar is calculated by multiplying the bar's diameter in inches squared by 2.67 pounds. The weight of a hexagonal bar in pounds per foot = D squared x 2.9473, where "D" is the distance between two of its flat sides.

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Metal Weight Calculator. Choose the alloy type, shape, and number of pieces and enter the dimensions to calculate the total weight.

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Narrow flat bars and Flat bars options available Hesaplama sayınız 20’nin üzerine çıktı. Sizin gibi değerli kullanıcılarımızın görüşlerine ihtiyacımız var. Vereceğiniz cevapları …

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Narrow flat bars and Flat bars options available Hesaplama sayınız 20’nin üzerine çıktı. Sizin gibi değerli kullanıcılarımızın görüşlerine ihtiyacımız var. Vereceğiniz cevapları …

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Weight Calculator Currency Converter Distance Calculator Unit Converter Weight Calculator World Clock ... Round Bar (Kg) - 0.7843 kg/cm² per metre length. D=Diametre, L=Length . Please enter the following parameters: Diametre (D) (in mm) Length (L) (in Mtr) Formula : Perimetre ...

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Total Weight (lbs): * This is a material reference page only, and not part of the regular OnlineMetals order process. To shop for material, please click here

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Purchase Order Calculator. Metal, shape, weight, size, and number of pieces.

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Do you think it’s that simple formula (D 2 / 162.2) for steel weight calculation of a bar?. Nope… It’s hard to find the exact weight of steel bars according to its area, it is advisable to refer the manufacturer’s chart to calculate the weight of the steel bar.

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Enter in the alloy, shape, and number of pieces followed by dimensions and its weight will be calculated.

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For your information Kg/m refers to the Kilograms per Metre of the bar, as an example a 4.200 Metre length of 50mm Diameter (15.41 Kg/m) Mild Steel Round Bar would weigh …

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It is often necessary to compute the weight of a metal. Steel bar weights are based upon .2836 pounds per cubic inch. To compute the weight of a round bar. Pounds per lineal foot = 2.6729 x D 2 Pounds per lineal inch = .22274 x D 2 D = Diameter in inches . To compute the weight of a square bar: Pounds per lineal foot = 3.4032 x L 2

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12 mm dia steel bars weigh 0.888 kg per metre. You can get the weight of the others by the ratio of the squares of the bar compared to 12 mm. Thus 20 mm bar would be 20x20/8x8 times 0.222 that is 6.25x.222= 1.3875 kg/metre.

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Here is the steel weight calculation formula including steel plate, tube, bar, round, square, flat, hexagonal steel, rebar, angle steel, brass, copper, etc.

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KAD Group of Companies provide calculation of S.S Sheet, S.S Circle, S.S Pipes, Round Bar, Flat Bar[PDF]

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M. S. ROUND & SQUARES Size MM Kg. / m. Kg. / m. 47 50 53 56 ... RIBBED DEFORMED BARS Thickness in mm. Weight in Kg. / m. Length in Meter / Ton. 6 8 10 12 16 20 22 25 28 32 36 40 50 0.222 0.395 0.617 0.888 1.578 2.466 2.980 3.854 4.830 6.313 7.990 9.864 15.410 4510 2532 1621 1125 633 405 336 260 207 159 125 101 65 1) Torsteel or Twisted Bar ISS ...

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